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Upcoming Events


First Friday Jam

Come join us for a plugged in picking circle the first Friday of every month. Here you will get to play with a diverse group of musicians and enjoy some of the best music South Austin has to offer. Don’t forget to bring your own cable!

House Concert - Dave Hooper
January 5, 2019

Our Fall concert series continues with great talent. Come enjoy a fine evening of live stripped down music and afterwards stick around for a plugged in jam. Potluck at 5:00pm and music at 6:00.


Recording Studio

We provide three state of the art recording rooms with top of the line Neumann microphones and Apollo Pre amps. There are two overdub rooms, a full band tracking room, and a completely flat control room. All acoustic treatment was completed in consultation with Mark Genfan, a PHD acoustician.

room one post session.jpg

Recording Gear

Our vast array of audio equipment includes:

Neumann u87, TLM103, and KMS 105(3)

Apollo 8, 8p, Quad, and 710D

AKG 414(2), Solid Tube, C300B (2)

Rode NT5 Matched Pair, NT2000

Royer 121, Blueberry Woodpecker, Earthworks TC20 Matched Pair

Mojave Audio MA-200, Soundeluxe U195, and MANY more.



We offer high definition multi-cam video shooting and editing. You can come to our facility and film your project with high quality audio or we can come to you.


Post Production

Our acoustically treated control room is driven by a powerful Mac tower loaded with software such as Pro Tools, Final Cut, Melodyne, Ableton Live, Waves Audio,Photoshop, Lightroom, and UA Plug-ins. Here we can take your ideas and present them in the best way possible.